WATCH: Machete Road Rage Attack in Georgia

Austell, GA – A small traffic dispute turned into a horror scene when an angry man stalked Joshua Evans into a Texaco gas station.

“The light just turned green. The man is just honking his horn,” Evans said.

As the victim walked out of the gas station, stalker Dave Williams charged him.

Evans threw a punch, and Williams immediately dashed to his truck to grab something.

When Evans heard a woman scream “He has a machete!”, he tried to escape for his life.

Evans fell when trying to escape, and crazed Williams caught him with multiple machete swings.

Williams punched another man in the face that tried to divert the attack and escaped the scene, leaving Evans seriously wounded.

As Williams’ car sped away from the scene, his Walmart employee vest and name tag feel out next to a gas pump.

Williams was found and arrested by police less than a mile away near a Walmart garden center.

Evans had to seek medical attention but is simply grateful to be alive.

“Stitches on this finger. Stitches on my wrist. He caught me in the back,” he said. “Anything could’ve happened to me. I could’ve lost my life over that.”

Had Joshua Evans been armed, his life would have been in his own hands.

Instead of leaving himself vulnerable to a threat, Evans should have been carrying a firearm!