Intruder Shot By Homeowner, Claims He Broke Into Home “To Get A Drink of Water”

Albuquerque, New Mexico – What a joke!

A man accused of breaking a window to gain entry to another person’s home claims that he only wanted a glass of water.

Isaac Andujo was shot by the armed homeowner after his efforts to break into the Albuquerque Heights home went unappreciated.

Police say Andugjo was charged with felony residential burglary after the incident last Friday.

The police report stated that around 5:30 PM, Andujo used a spray paint can to break the glass of the back window of a home off of Indian School and Tramway.

Nearby neighbors called the police after they heard screaming, and shouts, and then three gunshots rang out.

Police report the homeowner was home and told Andujo to stop, but the intruder continued to try to get inside the house.

The homeowner shot Andujo one time in the hip and held him at gun point until the police arrived.

If that’s not enough for the homeowner to go through, on Sunday, Andujo’s attorney argued that there was no proof that his client intended to commit a felony!

No, Andujo was simply thirsty, and was trying to get inside to get a glass of water.

Because that’s what you and I do when we’re thirsty, right?

Find the nearest house and break the window and try to get inside while being shot at by an angry, screaming homeowner?

Thankfully, the judge saw through the joke of an excuse.

“While his words say one thing, his actions say another,” Judge Brittany Maldonado Malott said. “The fact that he broke through a window to get into the residence, I think a jury could determine that he had intent to commit a felony.”

Thank God for a judge with common sense!

Unfortunately, there was no preventative detention filed, so Andujo was released Sunday morning.

We’ll see if he’s any better at showing up to his September 10th hearing than he is at making