Idaho Constitutional Carry Lowers Age to Carry to 18!

BOISE, Idaho – While gun owners in Washington state and California deal with new, stricter gun control regulations, the state of Idaho has done something to roll back intrusive gun control.

On Monday, July 1st, 2019, the new law took effect which lowers the minimum age for carrying a concealed handgun within city limits. It lowered the age from 21 years old to 18 years old.

Even better, these Idaho residents can concealed carry their handgun without a permit or training.

Rep. Christy Zito spearheaded the effort with the backing of Idaho’s no-compromise gun rights group, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

This was already the law in more rural parts of the state, but is now effective statewide state-wide, after Republican Gov. Brad Little signed it into law.

It’s obvious to any gun owner that the previous law made it very difficult to carry every day and still avoid breaking the law.

Imagine putting on your gun to drive to work but having to take it off as you drive into city limits . . .

The result of such regulations was that many young gun owners simply didn’t carry for fear of accidentally breaking the law.

Those opposed to the bill objected to the new change, saying that there was a big difference between rural Idaho and Urban Idaho.

They claimed that not allowing persons age 18 to 20 to carry a concealed handgun in urban areas is reasonable to prevent accidental shootings and shootings resulting from altercations.

But gun owners recognize that’s nothing but a copout.

Those who claim these young people shouldn’t have access to guns in their own homes and cars are strangely silent when eighteen-year old citizens to go to war for us!

Sure, those young gun owners can drive tanks and carry M-16s for the military, but they are not safe to carry them in their own our neighborhoods! Hypocrites!

In an era where young people are being increasingly propagandized by the left into hating guns, concept of self-defense and responsibility for keeping themselves safe, this law is a big step in the right direction!