Four Republican Senators Cosponsor Bloomberg Gun Control — Here They Are

Washington, DC — Gun owners would be wise not to fall asleep during the summer months.

Bloomberg’s lobbyists are working overtime on Capitol Hill, lobbying Republicans to support his gun control legislation.

Just recently, FOUR Republican Senators — David Perdue of Georgia, Susan Collins of Maine, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania (lead sponsor), and Little Marco Rubio of Florida — all signed their names onto legislation that would expand greatly the power of the federal government to destroy your Second Amendment rights.

At issue is Senate Bill 875, otherwise know as the “NICS Denial Notification Act of 2019.”

This legislation has also been cosponsored by FOUR left-wing Democrat Senators — Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, Chris Coons of Delaware, Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, and Doug Jones of Alabama.

S. 875 deals with the issue of failed background checks when going by a firearm.

This legislation would empower the federal NICS system to ping the Justice Department on a failed background check, then allow them to contact local law enforcement, who will be given time, place, name of prohibited buyer, etc, with the ability to then press charges.

Certainly no one wants a mad man or mad woman with a gun intent on doing harm to others.

But the problem here as the according to the most recent government data analysis available, at least 93% of NICS background check failures are what many refer to as “false positives.”

Meaning there should never have been a purchase denial at all.

That’s the problem with government lists of gun owners.

In millions of cases, gun owners or those who wish to purchase a firearm are placed on government prohibited lists without their knowledge or without proper due process.

Any American knows once on a government list, it’s either impossible or very expensive to ever get their name of that list.

And when it comes to the NICS system, Americans know full well they never delete names off of that list.  One would be more than naive to think so.

The four Republicans cosponsoring this legislation are giving more power to federal bureaucrats to eliminate Second Amendment rights of Americans.

This is just one mechanism someone like Kamala Harris has vowed to use via executive action should she become President.

No Republican should be anywhere near this Bloomberg gun control expansion.

Just imagine scores of unelected bureaucrats sitting in rooms shuffling papers around as NICS purchase denials come in, making a call down to local law enforcement, then a knock on your door wanting to know why you were trying to buy a gun and what you wanted to use it for.