Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Wants Red Flag Gun Confiscation

Failed Libertarian Presidential candidate, Bill Weld, sat down with liberal news source “The Skimm” to discuss his 2020 campaign platform.

Weld is now running as a Republican, but some of his issue positions sound more like radical left-wing gun grabbers.

Bill Weld has absolutely no chance against Trump in the Republican primary and has no concern for the embarrassment that continues to come his way.

When pressed on the topic of guns and the Second Amendment, Weld concluded his positioning with his support for Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

Weld is prepared to work hand-in-hand with turncoat Republicans and Bloomberg funded-radicals to expand probable cause for gun confiscation.

If Weld had his way, veterans coming home from war with PTSD will have their firearms forcibly removed from their possession.

Accusations and reports will be considered of higher significance than due process, allowing law enforcement to disarm individuals where they see fit.

No one wants to see a disturbed individual with a gun, and no one wants to see firearms used against innocent civilians.

However, the fear mongering that follows firearm incidents pushed by leftist politicians cannot result in an alteration of our Constitution.

When Weld and the Bloomberg gun grabbers lock arms in the push for Red Flag Gun Confiscation, there is no telling how far they will take it.

Veterans that have fought for our nation must be protected from political tyranny, and the rights of the accused must be maintained.

Bill Weld is a dirty establishment hack who has sold out Libertarians and Conservatives across the nation.