Florida Man Shoots Thug After Girlfriend Robbed At Gunpoint

North Port, Florida — Imagine you and your girlfriend are out and about on a Thursday night, when she says she needs to stop to get some cash out of the ATM.

You stay in the car, when to your horror, you see a man armed with a gun come up behind her and attempt to rob her.

That’s what happened to a young couple this week in North Port, Florida.

Police say around 10:30 on Thursday, June 27, 2019, a woman was trying to withdraw money from the ATM at Suncoast Credit Union on Aidan Lane.

A man came up behind her with a loaded handgun, and demanded her money.

Her boyfriend, seeing the situation unfold, leaped out of the car and opened fire, striking the robber several times.

The now-injured robber jumped into a waiting getaway car, and he and the getaway driver fled the scene.

But it wasn’t his lucky day, because the Police swarmed to the area and located both the driver and the robber less than a mile away, at the Goodwill on Tamiami Trail.

The robber was flown to Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s trauma center and is said to be recovering.

The woman’s boyfriend later came to police headquarters to tell officers what happened.

Police say his account was corroborated through witness accounts, surveillance, and admissions by the suspects.

You know that old saying, “If your boyfriend doesn’t have a gun, you’ve got a girlfriend!”   Well luckily for this young lady in Florida, she was dating a real man who knew what his job was, and was ready to protect her at all costs.

Kudos to them!  And let us know where to send the wedding gift.  They’re the kind that are going to make it.  You make it through stuff like that, you’ll make it through anything.