Female Veteran Shoots, Then Tackles Thug Home Invader

Killeen, TX – An thug home invader was rummaging through a woman’s home around 5:30 AM when all of a sudden bullets began to fly in his direction.

When the homeowner woke up to the sound of her garage door window being removed, she immediately loaded a 9mm handgun.

Being a retired army veteran, she was calm and collected as she waited patiently for a threat.

The burglar made his way into the home and proceeded to walk down the hallway leading to the woman’s bedroom.

The woman saw the intruder step through the bedroom doorway and she immediately fired a shot, striking the man in the arm.

As he screamed and ran the opposite direction, she chased after him.

In an effort to escape, the thug unsuccessfully tried to climb back out the garage window with his broken arm.

He in turn ran back into the house, where the woman tackled him.

As a struggle ensued on the ground, the firearm discharged, missing them both.

The female homeowner ended up restraining the thug on the dining room floor while trying to call the police.

She then heard the intruder cry out, “I didn’t get anything! You already shot me, so just let me go!”

With no intention of letting him go, the man managed to break free and made it out the front door.

A 9mm bullet slammed into a wall by the door as the intruder made his final escape.

The woman was later quoted saying that after nine years in the Army, this is the first person she has had to shoot.

She credited her self-defense handgun training for her ability to stay calm during the execution of force.

The woman also expressed concern with the man’s life direction.

“This is someone’s child, someone’s son, who took the wrong direction somewhere to try me,” she said.

“But he got the right house because hopefully, he learned a lesson.”