Democrat Socialists Holding National Convention in Georgia

The Democratic Socialists of America have chosen their official convention location as Atlanta, GA.

Socialists will be traveling in from all parts of the nation to discuss strategy for the upcoming 2020 election season.

The convention will be held August 2-4 at an undisclosed location in Atlanta.

Bernie Sanders will also be a large topic of discussion, as big-government Bernie is their champion of the Democrat Socialist movement.

DSA was a worthless group after it’s founding in 1982, but President Trump’s election gave them an enormous membership boost.

DSA has become even further emboldened by the successful campaigns of radical socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib.

With President Trump’s recent attacks on the America-hating Congresswomen, the convention is expected to attract leadership within DSA extremist factions.

Known anti-Semite and terrorist sympathizer Linda Sarsour is expected to attend, along with other Israel/America hating radicals.

Linda Sarsour was a huge supporter of Socialist Stacey Abrams, a known gun grabbing demagogue.

The Democrat Socialists of America idolize anti-gun extremists and violent revolutionary communists.

DSA, not to be confused with the National Socialist Party, has an agenda to ban and confiscate all semi-auto weapons.

Even with a plan to degrade and destroy the Second Amendment, DSA has been caught in instances of illegal weapon trade to arm their “resistance”.

DSA is known to have a strong connection with Antifa, a violent domestic terrorist group that is hell bent on destroying the Constitution and America itself.

The Socialists have hijacked the Democrat Party as their machine to push for the tyrannical disarmament of the people.

It is up to gun owners to turn their frustrations into activism and go on the political offensive.

American patriots have been on the defensive long enough.