Republican Senator David Perdue Cosponsors Bloomberg Gun Control!

Kennesaw, Georgia — Senator David Perdue has just cosponsored Michael Bloomberg’s gun control bill, S. 875!

With Senator Perdue criss-crossing the state looking for votes for his 2020 re-election campaign, his support of this legislation is unthinkable.

S. 875 would alert the Justice Department if a gun purchaser failed a federal NICS background check.

Now, no one wants a mad man with a gun, but the problem with this expanded notification to the Justice Department is that 93% of all gun purchase denials are what’s referred to as “false positives.”

In other words, the alert never should have happened!

From there with this new power, the Justice Department would be empowered to contact local law enforcement about you, your location, and where the gun was purchased.

What this means is, some pathetic government bureaucrat at a desk in DC will be given expanded powers to deny your Second Amendment rights.

No due process.  You have no idea any of this is even going on.

It’s vital gun owners take action at once and let Senator Perdue know his co-sponsorship of this bill is unacceptable.

I’ve prepared for you below a pre-written email that will be sent directly to Senator Perdue and his staff.

Please sign the email and flood his office in DC with disgust over his support of this legislation.

<<< Send Your Pre-Written Email Here >>>

After you’ve signed your email and sent it off to DC, please also make a call to Senator Perdue’s office in DC.

Tell him to remove his name from S. 875!

Call >>> 202-224-3521

The stakes are huge right now, even in the middle of the summer.

We are watching what’s happening in DC, in addition to what’s going right here in Georgia.

Please help us keep up the fight 365 days a year by clicking here and making a generous contribution today!

I’ll be sure to keep you update on this issue.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

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