Carjackers Attack with A Knife; 19-Year-Old Shoots Back and Wins

Pheonix, AZ — Police reported that a 19-year-old man shot and killed an attempted carjacker at a gas station early on Wednesday morning.

The unidentified man was getting gas at the Circle K convenience store at Baseline Rd and 24th around 1:30 am.  He sat in his driver’s seat with the driver’s door open while the gas pump filled his car.

He reported that a young woman came up and was trying to cause a distraction.

The man thought it was suspicious, and looked around to see a strange man sneaking up on him from the back of the car–with a knife clenched in his hand!

The carjacker demanded the young man’s car at knife point.

The young man was afraid for his life and pulled his handgun out and shot at the knife-wielding carjacker.

The attacker fell where he stood and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The victim walked into the gas station to call the police and waited on the scene until they arrived.

The woman ran away but was later located and arrested on Thursday.   She was identified as 28-year-old Viviana Aldrete.

She has been charged with felony murder in the first degree, and armed robbery.

This young man did everything right:  he was prepared to defend himself, kept aware of his surroundings, and didn’t let the threat to his life escalate.

These are the stories the liberal media doesn’t cover, but which happen every day in America!

A law-abiding gun owner defends himself against a violent criminal and lives to tell the tale, while the Fake News Media paints every use of a gun as harmful and violent.