California Town Makes Moves to Make Itself Second Amendment Sanctuary

Needles, CA — It’s great to see the Left’s tactics used against them, especially when it comes to our gun rights.

The town of Needles, California wants to declare itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary, and nullify their own state’s gun laws for a 65-mile radius surrounding Needles.

Needles, CA is a town of about 5,000 people on the easternmost edge of California and the Arizona border.

The trouble for Needles is that California’s gun laws are so perverse and so tyrannical, that the little town is suffering economically because Arizona citizens won’t travel into the State to do business.

On June 11, the City Council of Needles considered three options:

Firstly, passing an exemption from the state’s gun laws for Needles and a 65-mile radius surrounding the town.
Secondly, they could request the state to allow the city to recognize concealed weapon permit holders from neighboring Arizona and Nevada.

Finally, request to the county to allow sheriff’s deputies to not enforce weapons violations by Nevada and Arizona residents who are following their home state’s laws.

The Mayor of Needles, CA, Jeff Williams, pointed out that Nevada and Arizona recognize California’s permits, so border towns in those states don’t pay an economic price for California’s strict laws.

“It’s time to have reciprocity,” Williams said. “Out-of-state residents cannot get a concealed weapon permit in California, however you as a Californian can get an out-of-state permit in every other state. It’s time for us to recognize other permits.”

Not only is Needles looking to make it easier for concealed carry holders to visit and shop in the town, but they’re also trying to reduce the restrictions on ammunition purchases for California residents in Needles.

It is illegal to purchase ammunition out of state, then transport it back to California.

That’s just awful, for starters.

But that being the law, Needles residents must purchase ammo in person at a vendor licensed with the state’s Department of Justice.

Online orders must be shipped to one of these vendors, not to a buyer’s home.

For Needles gun owners this means driving more than 100 miles to purchase ammunition in person, or to pick up online orders, from a California-licensed vendor, even though there are ammunition stores just a few miles across the river, Williams said.

Does California reimburse them for gas and their time? Of course not!

The City Council of Needles will meet on July 9th to vote on the three choices before them.

Mayor Williams added, “Los Angeles and San Francisco usually control most of what we get in the state of California,” Williams said. “We don’t appreciate them dictating to us like they’ve been doing.”
We have to say that there is some poetic justice in seeing the Left’s tactics turned against them.

They’ve defied state and federal law on immigration using these same ‘Sanctuary’ tactics.

The nationwide trend of Second Amendment Sanctuaries is only going to grow, and we’re darn proud of every sheriff and mayor who defends their citizens’ rights by nullifying State or Federal law!