BOOM! Florida Gun Owner Kills 2 Intruders with AR-15

Summerfield, FL — Two robbers armed with handguns kicked in the door of a 61-year-old Floridian and were swiftly shot with the homeowner’s AR-15.

Nigel Doyle, 22, and Keith Jackson Jr., 21, were both killed.

Two other accomplices Robert Hamilton, 19, and Seth Rodriguez, 22, were later found near the scene and arrested.

Deputies responded to the home after receiving an 8:21 PM report of shots fired.

When police arrived, they found Nigel Doyle outside next to a shotgun suffering from a gunshot wound.

Upon entering the house, they found Jackson, Jr., dead on the dinning room floor with a “Jason” hockey mask on his head.

Next to Jackson, Jr.’s head was a hand gun.

The homeowner was calmly waiting for the police in his bedroom with a gunshot wound to the stomach and an AR-15 lying across his legs.

Doyle and the homeowner were transported to the Ocala Regional Medical Center where Doyle later succumbed to his wounds.

The homeowner is currently in stable condition.

During questioning, the homeowner said that he remembered one of the robbers from a past Craigslist sale.

That robber came to his door an hour before the home invasion, began peering through windows, and asked for help with car troubles once the homeowner confronted him.

The homeowner informed the soon-to-be dead man of his disabilities and that he could not help.

The disabled 61-year-old homeowner was later awakened by the sound of his door being kicked in, and immediately saw the “Jason” masked-man inside.

Gun fire was exchanged, and “Jason” mask-wearing Doyle was taken down.

The homeowner was then shot by the second intruder, Jackson, Jr., as he returned fire from his AR-15.

Jackson, Jr. was hit and exited the home with what the homeowner claims was a third suspect.

Rodriguez was likely the third in the house and was charged with two counts of murder and home invasion with a firearm.

Hamilton, who was found with Rodriguez in a patch of tall grass by the road, was charged with invading a home with a firearm.

Hamilton claims to have walked away before the home invasion began.

The homeowner does not know who fired first, but the AR-15 rifle allowed him to fend off a multi-gun invasion.

Gun control crazies claim the AR-15 rifle is not necessary for home defense.

How about when multiple robbers kick in your door with guns ablazing?

A 61-year-old man delivered superior fire power against the semi-auto handgun and pump shotgun.

It was even later reported that dead-man Doyle was adjudicated guilty for DUI and delinquent possession of ammunition in 2017.

Doyle also did not have a firearm carry permit of any kind.

What a surprise, gun control didn’t deter a crime!

The homeowner was within his legal right to own a firearm, and used deadly force against the intruders.

There are no charges against the homeowner, and we wish him a speedy recovery.