BOOM BOOM: Carjacker Shot Twice by Intended Victim in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana — A man driving home on Friday, July 19 was faced with a terrible choice: get shot by the carjacker holding a gun on him or pull his own gun and hope to be able to defend himself in time.

New Orleans Police say the man made the right choice:   he was able to get his gun cleared and put two rounds into the unidentified suspect.

The suspect ran off, bleeding, and hasn’t been found.

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Police said the shooting happened around 9:15 on Friday night in New Orleans East near the 7600 Block of Forum Boulevard near Paris Road.

According to police reports, the 35-year-old carjacking victim was sitting alone in his car when the carjacker approached his window.

The unidentified man pulled a gun on the man in his car, and demanded he get out and give him the keys.

But the driver of the car had no assurances that even if he complied, the lunatic with the gun wouldn’t just shoot him anyway.

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He made the decision to defend himself from the carjacker, and it was the right choice for sure.

Police say he was able to pull out a gun in his possession and shoot the suspect twice.

The suspect was hit both times but was able to escape on foot and is still at large.

New Orleans currently has hundreds of vehicle robberies that are still under investigation by the New Orleans Police department, but thankfully, this man’s car isn’t one of them.

More importantly, he’s not in the morgue, with his murder under investigation.

Only leftists and criminals think that life is cheap.

Neither care how many people die for their greed and desire for power.

They both desire unarmed victims.  They both prey on the weak and hope the strong aren’t feeling brave.

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