Anti-Gun Wacko Eric Swalwell Ends Presidential Campaign

Washington, DC — Failed Presidential candidate Eric Swalwell has finally come to terms with his disastrous campaign attempt.

Swalwell just announced today that he will be withdrawing his candidacy for the 2020 Democrat nomination for President.

Centering his platform around the most extreme gun control proposals in the country, Swalwell found his polling at a consistent 0%.

His recent debate performance was embarrassing, to say the least.

Softest soy boy tyrant ever to hit the stage!

We can kiss his gun control measures goodbye, as his campaign is now dust in the wind.

His plan to dismantle the Second Amendment is listed below …

1. Universal background checks (national gun registration) for gun and ammunition purchases

2. Federal licensing of gun owners

3. Mandatory government training and written/practical exam to own a gun

4. Require liability insurance to own a gun

5. National firearm registry

At least Swalwell didn’t try to hide his intentions!

Thanks to gun-rights activists around the nation, Swalwell was shamed into an immediate downfall.

So much for Eric’s plan to ban and buyback every semi-automatic rifle!

Soon, the Second Amendment haters will start ending their campaigns left and right.

Which Democrat gun grabber will drop out next?