43-Year Old Illegal Alien Kidnaps A 16-year-old Babysitter From Front Yard, Attempts Sexual Assault

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — An El Salvadorian man, 43-year-old Saul Santos Vasquez-Martinez was arrested by Cedar Falls, Iowa Police after kidnapping and attacking a teenage girl on Tuesday, July 23rd.

Vasquez-Martinez was arrested on a charge of second-degree kidnapping and assault with intent to commit sexual abuse.

Police reported that the assault took place in broad daylight, just before 4:00 pm on West 18th St.

Vasquez-Martinez saw a 16-year old girl in the front yard of a house, where she was babysitting.

He grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her into another home on the street. She had never met him nor been in the house before.

When Vasquez-Martinez had gotten her into the house, he shoved her against the wall and began to sexually assault her.

The girl screamed and kicked and managed to fight off the vicious attacker. She escaped from him and ran out the door and back to the house where she had been babysitting.

Once there, she called the police.

Authorities said the victim suffered multiple injuries that came as a result of fighting off her would-be rapist.

Upon his arrest, Vasquez-Martinez admitted he was in the United States illegally from El Salvador.

Vasquez-Martinez is EXACTLY the kind of violent illegal alien that President Trump wants to keep from entering out country by enforcing current laws and by building a wall.

But the same lawmakers who want to disarm law abiding Americans are fighting Trump at every step in the process.

How many young women will have to be victimized as political fodder for this liberal, America hating agenda?