WATCH: Gun Owner Confronts Marco Rubio Over His “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” Bill

Washington, DC — At the end of March the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Marco Rubio’s “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” legislation (S. 7), a draconian piece of legislation that drew praise from every single Democrat who showed up at the committee that day.

To make matters worse, many Republicans on the committee expressed more than tacit support for some sort of “Red Flag” bill.

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Even though S. 7 has not moved out of committee since that time, Chairman Lindsey Graham has vowed to work on passing “Red Flag” legislation through the U.S. Senate this year.

Last week, the American Firearms Coalition stormed Capitol Hill, talking to dozens of Senate and Congressional staff on this issue, urging them to oppose this dangerous legislation.

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American Firearms Coalition Northwest Coordinator Greg Pruett ran into led sponsor of S. 7, Marco Rubio, in the hallway of a Senate office building.

While waiting for an elevator Mr. Pruett was able to record the conversation, where he expressed gun owners’ opposition to “Red Flags” and put Senator Rubio on the spot on numerous occasions.

Here’s the video.  Pass this around!

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