WATCH: Georgia Woman Shoots at 3 Robbers, Killing 1

Gwinnett, GA – A Georgia woman did not stop to check the gun laws before firing upon 3 intruders.

As a gang of men forcefully entered her home, she rushed to her bedroom and immediately brandished a pistol.

The 3 perpetrators were surprised when bullets began to fly in both directions!

Here’s the video:

They expected Georgia gun regulations to discourage law abiding citizens from arming themselves, making family homes soft targets.

However, the thugs were met with a barrage of bullets, killing one and sending the others fleeing.

“She has every right to defend herself. She is to be commended for not only saving her life, but also the life of her roommate.”, said Gwinnett County Police spokeswoman Cpl. Michele Pihera.

Guns save lives when in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

The 3 intruders bypassed a firearm carry law to terrorize Georgia residents, and likely were in possession of illegal firearms.

Did a firearm carry permit law prevent these goons from concealing their illegal pistols?


A gun registry through universal background checks would not have deterred the criminals from trading black market firearms either.

Thankfully the law-abiding woman from Georgia was willing to go through the proper legal steps to arm herself.