WATCH Democrat Lucy McBath Praises Hillary Clinton / Obama Gun Control Executive Orders

Atlanta, Georgia — Radical anti-gun Democrat Lucy McBath has become the darling of the gun control left, taking MILLIONS of dollars from billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, as well a recently being caught on video saying she wants a “gun free society”.

Back in 2016, while campaigning for Hillary Clinton for President, McBath was caught on video lavishing praise over Hillary Clinton, as well as expressing her support for Barack Obama’s draconian gun control executive orders.

Here’s the video of McBath.  She makes the comment at the end of the video.

“I have no doubt in my mind she will execute the executive orders of President Obama”

Recently, we broke the story of McBath’s revealing comments on Capitol Hill about wanting to create a “gun free society.”

While announcing the introduction of dangerous “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” legislation, McBath let it all rip.

Here’s that story: