WATCH: Congressman Lucy McBath Calls for a “Gun Free Society”

Washington, DC — Georgia first term Democrat Congressman Lucy McBath from the sixth congressional district let her true intentions about the Second Amendment slip last week.

At a press conference touting the introduction of her “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” legislation, H.R. 3076, Lucy McBath concluded by saying she wants a “Gun Free Society” across America.

Here’s the video.  Watch and pass around!

McBath ran and won in 2018 using gun control as her top issue.

Weak-kneed Republican Congresswoman Karen Handel just didn’t put up much of a fight against McBath, with many Republican voters in the district tired of her moderate stance on issues like the Second Amendment.

In 2017, Handel voted for Diane Feinstein’s “FIX NICS” (HR 4477) legislation that would pay states millions of dollars to send records of gun owners to the Feds in Washington, DC.

You can read about Hande’s vote here: