Texas Woman Shoots, Kills Masked Home Invader

Houston, Texas — A Houston woman was home alone, cleaning her house at 3:00 pm on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 when a home invader decided to make the biggest mistake of his life.

The middle of the afternoon on a weekday isn’t when most people would imagine somebody breaking into your home, so when she heard a strange noise, she initially ignored it.

She told police later that she thought it was a gunshot at some distance from her home.

But moments later, she saw broken glass on the ground near her door.

That’s when she realized she wasn’t alone.  This began the most terrifying moments of her life.

The woman hurried to another room where she kept a pistol, and then shut herself up in her closet.

Now she had to sit in the dark closet and wait, hoping the intruder would find what they wanted and leave.

But moments later, a masked man opened the closet door.

Fearing for her life, the woman shot the man one time; police say the man died on the spot.

Harris County Sherrif Ed Gonzales said, “Kudos to her!  When you have a female, alone inside her house, she could have panicked, not taken action.  She could have been truly a victim, in more ways than one and who knows what would have happened had he gained entry and put hands on her? She protected herself, and we’re glad that she’s alive.”

He went on to say about the man who was shot and killed, “Somebody that’s breaking into somebody’s home…it’s very risky for them to do that.  Obviously they have a family and our condolences go out to family, but again, she had a right to protect herself.”

We are so glad this woman is physically unharmed, and that she was able to have that gun and the willingness to use it.

The County Sheriff was right:  it is always risky to break into somebody’s home, but especially in broad daylight in Texas!

The more folks who are armed, the slower these criminals will be to try brazen crimes like this!

If they knew that their odds were one in two of meeting an armed homeowner, they might think again.

Arm yourself and your family members, especially those that live alone.

Stories like this make it clear there isn’t a ‘good neighborhood’ or a ‘good time of day’ to be unarmed.