Second Amendment Activist Announces Bid for Congress in Georgia!

Atlanta, Georgia — Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Second Amendment activist in Georgia, has announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination in Georgia 6th Congressional District.

It’s widely known around the district that Greene is the conservative choice in the race, which also features moderate Republican Karen Handel, who voted for gun control during her brief stint in Congress.

Handel let 6th District gun owners down in 2018 with a narrow loss to Democrat Lucy McBath, who’s campaign is largely funded by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

In a surprise move, Handel disappointed many Republican voters with an announcement to run again for the seat that she had just lost.

A seat held by Republicans since 1979.

Earlier this week, Marjorie Greene penned a letter directly to Congressman Lucy McBath after her campaign referred to Greene as the “real deal” and the likely candidate she will face in the November 2020 general election.

In this letter, Greene took the opportunity to introduce herself and highlight her support for concealed carry and Second Amendment rights.

Just months after being sworn into office, McBath did what her billionaire anti-gun financiers asked her to do – introduce radical gun control legislation.

When introducing her “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” legislation (H.R. 3076), she concluded by calling for a GUN FREE SOCIETY.

As gun owners in Georgia become more aware of Lucy McBath’s gun-grabbing intentions, Karen Handel continues to stay moderate with a historically left-leaning voting record.

In 2017, Handel voted in support of Diane Feinstein’s FIX NICS legislation (H.R. 4477).

Handel’s office then began an attempt to justify this action to pro-gun groups.

While claiming that some of her Republican colleagues also voted their support, Handel forgets that this bill could block the purchase of firearms for those with traffic tickets or veterans with PTSD.

To make matters worse, when the vote on this legislation came up in her House committee, SIX conservative Republican Congressmen including Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert, and Steve King voted NO!

Handel voted with anti-gun Democrats!

Reports are that Marjorie Greene decided that the 6th District needs a Second Amendment fighter; someone who will bring strong constitutional values to the floor of Congress.

Greene has a history of gun rights activism through community organizations and volunteer work in D.C.

She’s committed to defeating the federal Gun-Free School Zones act and will even combat omnibus spending bills while she’s at it.