New Zealand Imitates Australia Gun Buyback

Washington, DC — After instituting a semi-automatic weapon ban in New Zealand, Parliament has set aside $136m (USD) to entice gun owners to turn in their weapons.

According to BBC, gun owners have until December 20th to surrender their weapons to law enforcement until they are subject to imprisonment.

BBC reported a New Zealand government spokesperson saying “”Police have detailed plans in place for the next step, which is the collection of firearms from the community. It will be a huge logistical exercise and is expected to get under way in mid-July.”

Since the ban was instituted, citizens have registered 5,000 firearms for the police to systematically confiscate.

Police estimate that over 14,000 firearms in New Zealand qualify for confiscation.

The new gun law bans “military-style” semi-automatic weapons and PARTS that can be used to assemble banned firearms.

Magazines that hold more than 5 rounds are BANNED.

According to the New York Times, those found to be in possession of banned firearms after the 6-month buyback period will be jailed for 5 years.

The Council of Licensed Firearms plans to pursue legal action against the New Zealand government for the unfair firearm payments forced through confiscation.

The government promised not to “rip off” the 250,000 gun owners in the country.

Now they are forcing payments within the broad range of 25-95% on frustrated citizens as they relinquish their guns.

Suppressors and custom scopes are among the banned gun parts, with the government offering 25-70% the original price.

Licensed firearms dealers will not be compensated for the tens of thousands of dollars that will inevitably be lost through the buyback program.

As Americans fight for their Second Amendment rights, citizens of New Zealand have no such Constitutional protection to bear arms.

Democratic Socialists in America have suggested similar gun ban programs, and they will not stop until our gun rights are effectively eroded.

This is New Zealand’s attempt at imitating the 1996 Australia gun buyback program.

After Australia’s buyback program ceased, there were still 2 million privately owned firearms.

Surprised? Well listen to this…

There are more privately owned firearms in Australia today than before the gun ban went into effect.

New Zealand will be yet another tyrannical nation to stand as example for how ineffective gun control is.