GUN GRABBER ALERT: Eric Swalwell: The AR-15 Has to Go

Eric Swalwell isn’t polling well this week and his only hope is to get fifteen more seconds of fame.

While polling steadily at 0%, he knows he’ll get press time by saying inflammatory and downright tyrannical things about the Second Amendment and gun owners.

We can only assume that was the thinking behind a recent video his campaign released, where he says that if elected, he will “BanAndBuyback” every semiauto rifle out there.

Check out his video, here:

The video is a montage of clips designed to make everybody cry about how dangerous assault weapons are, but as we’ve come to expect, is nearly devoid of facts.

At one point in the video, a fully automatic rifle is shot in a warzone, while the clip says that ‘weapons of war’ are in the hand of American citizens.

Of course, this leads the ignorant viewer to think that AR-15s can shoot in full auto.

The average person who would watch a campaign video for Swalwell wouldn’t know that an AR15 can only shoot one single bullet at a time.

Later in the video, Cameron Kasky, speaking at the March for our Lives gun control event, says, “Shooting after shooting the American people now see the one thing they all have in common–the weapons.”

The video then lists several shootings involving rifles, but carefully omits the shootings at Virginia Tech (April 16, 2007), Fort Hood (November 5, 2009), DC Navy Yard (September 16, 2013), Sante Fe High School (May 18, 2018), and Virginia Beach (May 31, 2019).  Why?  Because handguns and shotguns were used in those attacks.

Near the end of the video, Swalwell says, “I say keep your hunting rifles, keep your pistols, keep your shotguns, but let’s ban and buyback every single ‘assault weapon’ in America.”

Thank you, Dictator Swalwell, but gun owners aren’t stupid.

We know that once the government has taken our AR-15s, criminals will still break the law and you’ll “have” to crack down on the remaining guns.

We’ll stop him right there.

We’re keeping our guns, and he’s going back into obscurity, along with his radical leftist ideas.

If he wants to see a gun free country, he can head to Venezuela.

We’re sure he’ll find it at paradise.