Dems Push Gun Control for “Popularity”

Washington, D.C. — Democrats are at it again – twisting the facts to make their socialist agenda look more appealing.

Before attending a gun-grabber rally in D.C., Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) proclaimed via twitter that gun control was more popular than “baseball, kittens, and apple pie”.

Socialists don’t push gun control measures through principle, but because it is “popular”.

They are using every slimy tactic in the book to try and force a Senate vote on gun control.

Universal background checks — which is really universal gun registration — are popular amongst the leftist voting base, and socialists will continue to push it.

They think this is a winning issue for them, but they are WRONG.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) does not intend on holding a vote on further gun control measures.

The only place universal background checks are controversial is “in the halls of Congress”, said Sen. Murphy.

Sen. Murphy seems unable to play Congress for a fool like he does the American Citizens.

He claims that 11,400 people have died from gunshot wounds since the Feb. 27th House passage of universal background checks.

However, he conveniently forgot to add that 66 percent of all U.S. gun deaths are suicides, not gun violence.

Universal background checks are the left’s proposed “quick-fix” to America’s frequent mass shootings.

However, almost all mass shooters have historically acquired their firearms through background checks.

Check out Breitbart’s list of mass shooters that went through a firearm background check…

“Virginia Tech gunman (April 16, 2007), the Fort Hood gunman (November 5, 2009), the Aurora movie theater gunman (July 20, 2012), the D.C. Navy Yard gunman (September 16, 2013), the Fort Hood attacker (April 2, 2014), the Orlando Pulse gunman (June 12, 2016), the Las Vegas gunman (October 1, 2017), the Texas church gunman (November 5, 2017), the Parkland high school gunman (February 14, 2018)”.

Background checks simply did not stop these shooters.

Democrats want to eliminate the citizenry’s right to privately trade firearms.


For no other reason but to disarm the American population, eliminating the ability to defend against a tyrannical government.

When will gun-grabbing politicians admit that gun control is a socialist tool to expand federal power at the citizenry’s expense?

In order to have an honest discussion about the root causes of gun violence, leftist politicians must stop lying to the people.

Senate leadership is not going to fall for the emotional manipulation, twisted “facts”, and pure demagoguery.