Total VICTORY: Minnesota Gun Rights Shoots Down 2019 Gun-Control Bills!

St Paul, MN – A highly-organized and mobilized gun rights community successfully destroyed Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control bills in the 2019 session of the Minnesota Legislature!

“This is a beautiful day for the gun rights community across our state,” said Ben Dorr, the Executive Director of Minnesota’s no-compromise gun rights organization Minnesota Gun Rights.

Red Flag Gun Seizures and Universal Gun Registration were priority issues for anti-gun Governor Tim Walz and House Speaker Melissa Hortman, but it was gun owners who battled to the top.

“The only way we were successful is because our members and supporters were ruthless and relentless in their instructions to this legislature,” said Dorr.

Gun owners were so vocal throughout the 2019 session that committed, radical gun-grabbers were brought to heel.

Gun-control hardliner John Lesch (D-St Paul) admitted that “the emails that I have received on this issue from constituents in my district have been 35 to 1 pro-gun!”

Compounding the threat to gun owners throughout the legislative session was a complete lack of leadership from the Republican Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka.

Minnesota Gun Rights met with Gazelka at the start of the 2019 session, but Gazelka refused to work with gun owners and promised not to advance the gun rights agenda to block the gun-control bills.

But gun owners battled back, pounding the capitol in St Paul with over 120,000 emails and phone calls from constituents, warning of aggressive repercussions in the coming elections if gun-control passed.

“There’s not much a spineless politician in Minnesota fears worse than an angry gun owner at election time, and Minnesota Gun Rights can deliver them by the hundreds of thousands,” Ben Dorr continued.

You can watch the video recap of the 2019 session of the Minnesota Legislature HERE:

Minnesota was widely expected to pass gun-control this year.

But Minnesota Gun Rights proved that an organized, militant gun-rights community can block gun-control in a left-leaning state while lack-luster organizations in Republican states like Florida proved what happens when gun owners fall asleep.

“This battle is over and gun owners won the day, but another begins tomorrow and Minnesota Gun Rights members are going to bring the heat every step of the way,” said Dorr.