Pastor and Wife Kill Robber Breaking into Their Home

Houston, Texas – The mainstream media refuse to show stories that paint gun owners as good guys.

However, they are as common as daylight.

In a recent example, a Pastor and his wife were reported to stop a burglar from breaking into their home.

According to Police, both the wife and the pastor shot the burglar as he was breaking into their home.

ABC 13 writes,

Police say the couple heard something outside of their back door and went to check it out. That’s when they saw the suspect breaking into their home.

They then fired both of their guns in fear for their safety.

Firefighters say the man died at the home. According to authorities, after the shooting the couple went outside, placed the guns on the ground and waited for officers to arrive.

The United Methodist Church issued a statement on Sunday night confirming this home was a parsonage which was occupied by a United Methodist Church Pastor Jeff Powers and his wife.

Not only did a pastor, a man of faith, defend his home, but the wife did the exact same thing.

Firearms are the greatest equalizer for women’s rights.

The mainstream media will never give this story a spotlight.

Gun grabbers constantly try to portray gun owners as radical, hillbilly men who shouldn’t have a firearm.

However, gun owners are the most diverse group of individuals from all over the country.

Second Amendment supporters cannot be fooled by socialist gun grabbers, attempting to take our rights from us.