FACT CHECK: Beto LIES About Gun Control’s Effectiveness

Washington, DC — In a recent speech after the Colorado shooting, presidential candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke stated false information with regard to so-called “universal background checks,” otherwise known as national gun registration.

He said that states with universal background checks reduce gun violence by over 50 percent.

When asked later about his source for this information, his campaign claimed to get it from the Bloomberg-funded organization, Everytown for Gun Safety.

O’Rourke said,

and that we finally get action on universal background checks, which in those states that have adopted them, have been shown to reduce gun violence by 50 percent, ensuring that we no longer sell weapons designed and engineered and sold to the United States military for the express purpose of killing people effectively, efficiently and in as great a number as possible, because that’s exactly what they do.

However, studies do not show this at all.

Factcheck.org reports,

A study led by Boston University Community Health Sciences Professor Michael Siegel and published in March in the Journal of General Internal Medicine looked at homicide and suicide rates in all 50 states over a 26-year period and analyzed the relationship between various firearm laws, including universal background checks. The research found that universal background checks are associated with about a 15 percent reduction in firearm homicide.
“After reviewing the overall literature, I would estimate that the association is somewhere between a 10% and 15% reduction,” Siegel told us via email. “So the 50% claim sounds exaggerated. I’m not sure what data would support that.

Left-wing democrats only use “facts” that agree with their beliefs.

They will never report on how guns saves millions of lives over the years, or how most shootings are in “Gun-Free zones”.

Now of course, if Donald Trump misstated a fact, the media would run with that story for weeks.

We all know the mainstream media are in the pockets of Democrats, hiding their radical words from the public.

There is zero evidence of truth to what O’Rourke said and zero stories from the mainstream media.

Beto is just one radical, gun-grabbing democrats trying to stay relevant..

Gun-control and the Second Amendment are top issues in the 2020 election, making it very important to know where all the candidates stand on the gun issue.

Beto is a proven gun-grabber who will use any “facts” to get what he wants.