North Carolina Man Fires Back at Thugs, Stops Armed Robbery

Lumberton, North Carolina — When Thomas Lewis headed out back to work in his garage on Tuesday evening, he never expected to be cornered by two armed robbers.

Or maybe he did?

When Sterling Hester and Damarreon McDaniel pulled a gun on him Mr. Lewis quickly sprang into action, pulling out a firearm of his own and began firing back at the armed thugs.

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What ensued was a shoot out of sorts, with the homeowner, Lewis, being wounded, but also the armed robbers getting hit as well.

When police arrived, McDaniel was found with a gun shot wound to the leg and later were able to identify Sterling Hester as the second shooter.

Here’s the news report from The

Parker said that at about 5:53 p.m. Tuesday, McDaniel and Hester went to 1120 Cherokee St. for “the purpose of robbing the tenant.”

The men approached the tenant, Thomas Hester Lewis, 39, who was inside an open garage in the back yard of residence and displayed a gun with the intent to rob him.

But, according to Parker, Lewis pulled out a gun and shot McDaniel in the leg. A flurry of shots followed in both directions, but no one else was struck.

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