NEVER ENOUGH: New Zealand Pushes For More Gun Control

Any form of gun control is a slippery slope to further the agenda of gun grabbers.

Nearly two months after New Zealand banned “military-style” rifles, prohibited ownership of pump shotguns, “high capacity” magazines, and certain gun parts, there is a call for more.

The wave of gun control was in response to a mass shooting by a psycho riddled with hate.

Activists are calling for more gun control because the previously passed laws are not enough.

Hera Cook, co-founder of Gun Control NZ. The New Zealand Herald quotes her saying, “Parliament recently banned most semi-automatic weapons, but until there is full control of these weapons, and a register of all guns, the risk remains of them falling into the wrong hands,”

Any form of gun control is not enough for gun grabbers. The only way to satisfy them is with a complete ban.

The demands in New Zealand are a national firearm registry, a requirement to gun owners to renew gun registration every three years, and gun prohibition expansion that would cover all semiautomatic firearms.

It is only a matter of time until the push for gun control in America gains momentum again.

It is a key issue in the 2020 Presidential race.

Gun owners must never give in to any form of gun control.

These measures are no compromise, but a win for the left.

Gun owners will always lose if a form of gun control is passed.

The left is slowly chipping away at our gun rights and it must be stopped.