Democrats Turn Pro-Gun Bill into Race Issue

In just a few days, Governor Ron Desantis of Florida is expected to sign a bill allowing teachers to carry a firearm in school.

This bill is simple.
It allows teachers who want to carry a gun in school, do so with school district approval.
In addition, teachers wanting to participate will have to complete a law enforcement-style training program.
While this issue should be debated solely on facts, prominent Democrats made the issue about race.
Representative Shevrin D. Jones, a Democrat who is African-American,  had his emotions overcome him has he began to cry saying this bill would kill minority students.
“We are talking about black boys and girls who are getting murdered by police officers!” Mr. Jones, who represents the city of West Park, near Fort Lauderdale, shouted into the microphone. “There are bad police officers and there are bad teachers.”
He proposed two amendments, one of which would require implicit bias training. The other would prohibit the teacher to claim Stand Your Ground if they used their firearm.
Some people, he said, might look at a “boy who’s got dreads in his hair and be intimidated by him”, implying they would shoot them because of their race.
Democrats commonly turn to emotions when they begin to lose their argument. 
Guns are not an emotional issue. Americans have a right to keep and bear arms. PERIOD. 
The bill passed easily, however 5 Republicans betrayed their constituents and voted no for the bill.