Arrogant Abrams Thinks She Can Steal the 2020 Presidential Race

Atlanta, Georgia — Stacey Abrams, former loser in the Georgia gubernatorial race, continues to hint at a presidential race in 2020.

She recently had a few moments of fame when she announced she would not run for the U.S Senate in Georgia.

Most presidential candidates are jumping in now, getting a head start for the highest office in the land.

However, Stacey Abrams thinks she can jump into the race in the fall, and still win.

In an interview with communist MSNBC, Abrams said,

“I think we’ve got a robust crop of candidates and I think they’re having important conversations, but my mission is to make certain that we are keeping that attention focused all the way through the campaign. So, I’m going to keep watching and decide if I need to jump in.

I do believe I could enter the conversation as late as the fall and still have a real chance to win.”

She is waiting for candidates to implode; leaving an opening for her to swoop in and steal the election.

If Abrams were to jump in, she would be by far the most radical candidate for president.

While in the Georgia state house, she sponsored legislation that would order the government to ban, seize and confiscate “assault weapons”.

She doesn’t just talk the talk, but she walks the walk of a socialist gun grabber.

Abrams has a history of not just making dangerous, gun-grabbing rhetoric, but sponsoring legislation that would destroy gun rights.

Gun owners should not dismiss Stacey.

She is a deep threat to the Second Amendment.

When she runs for office again, and she will, she will make gun legislation a key part of her campaign.

Abrams will never come back to middle, but continue to push further to the left.