Gun Group Flies Plane Around Wayne Lapierre’s Presidential Hotel Suite!

Indianapolis, Indiana — Starting at 7 AM this morning, the American Firearms Coalition circled scandal-ridden NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s presidential hotel suite and the entire convention center so that the 80,000 gun owners in attendance is made aware of the NRA’s support of dangerous “Red Flag Gun Seizures”.

Tens of thousands of NRA Convention attendees became aware of the plane yesterday, staring into the sky to read about the NRA’s betrayal of gun owners.

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Here’s a picture of the plane as it passed by LaPierre’s Presidential Suite on the top floor of the J.W. Marriott.

Also at the event were American Firearms Coalition “Stop Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation trucks, viewed by thousands of attendees as they poured into the convention.

Combined between social media, email, and on the ground and in the air operations, the American Firearms Coalition reached almost 500,000 gun owners across the country, mobilizing in opposition to Red Flag Gun Seizures.

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