What Happened to Brian Kemp?

Atlanta, Georgia — Last year during the Republican primary, Brian Kemp returned his Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey 100% in favor of Constitutional Carry (linked here).

Later in the campaign as the Republican nominee, he was asked if he still supports Constitutional Carry — he answered yes (here’s the video).

But now, over half way through the Georgia General Assembly, Brian Kemp has gone dark, watching as House Speaker David Ralston takes shot after shot at Constitutional Carry, with barely a murmur out of the Governor’s office.

What happened to Brian Kemp?

Please take time right now to call the Governor’s office.

Call Governor Brian Kemp: 404-656-1776

Leave Him A Facebook Message: https://www.facebook.com/GovKemp/

Remind Governor Kemp that it was Second Amendment supporters and Constitutional Carry that got him into office, and he needs to push back against David Ralston, and actively fight for Constitutional Carry (H.B. 2).

The reality is, Constitutional Carry (H.B. 2) is the #1 issue on the minds of legislators, as GGO members have fired off over 15,000 emails into the State House since they came into session in early January.

Ralston knows this, Kemp knows this, all the legislators know this — they’ve had to address this in the Republican caucus meetings because of the massive amount of pressure coming from GGO members.

My conversations with legislators confirms to me they want Constitutional Carry, but without leadership from Brian Kemp actively calling for it, Ralston will continue pushing it aside.

What makes matters worse, gun owners across the state are watching with great jealousy as state after state become Constitutional Carry states.

A month ago it was South Dakota becoming the 14th, then two days ago, Oklahoma the 15th state.

Kentucky is on the verge of becoming the 16th any day now.

This issue was so important to the Governors of South Dakota and Oklahoma that they made Constitutional Carry the very first piece of legislation signed into law.

Here are the videos of the South Dakota and Oklahoma signing ceremonies.

We must not forgot what Socialist Stacey Abrams promised to do during her campaign for Governor — ban, confiscate, and destroy your firearms.

Constitutional Carry would help protect us now and in the future from politicians like Abrams, who would like nothing more than a giant list of gun owners to harass.

Please call Governor Brian Kemp’s office at 404-656-1776 and let him know you want him to keep his campaign promise on Constitutional Carry.

After you’ve done that, it’s vital you keep those emails pouring in down at the Capitol, continuing to let legislators know you want a vote on Constitutional Carry!

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Thank you for taking action — help us keep up the heat fighting for your Second Amendment rights!

For Freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

  • reprinted with permission of Georgia Gun Owners