WHY? State Senator Brian Strickland Still Supporting SB 150 Bloomberg Gun Control

Atlanta, Georgia — Just 24 hours after waving the white flag of surrender to grassroots Second Amendment supporters, one of Brian Kemp’s State Senate floor leader, Brian Strickland, is still working to keep Bloomberg’s Senate Bill 150 alive.

Instead of calling for this bill to be killed, Strickland is digging in.

After receiving a massive amount of communication OPPOSING Senate Bill 150 from his constituents and other Second Amendment supporters around the state, Strickland doubled down, filming a video in his office trying to tell everyone who opposes Bloomberg’s SB 150 that they are wrong and he is right.

Keep in mind, as one of Brian Kemp’s floor leaders, Brian Strickland is charged with shepherding the Governor’s favored legislation on the floor of the Senate.

Does Brian Kemp support SB 150?

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What Mr. Strickland won’t tell you is that the bill was introduced by radical anti-gun Democrat State Senator Jen Jordan.

It was cosponsored by three radical anti-gun Democrats.

Every Democrat on the committee voted for the legislation Mr. Strickland likes to falsely call “pro-gun legislation”.

The biggest question for Mr. Strickland is: Why are you pushing Michael Bloomberg’s Senate Bill 150 and not introducing a pushing Constitutional Carry legislation for Georgia?

Brian Kemp campaigned on Constitutional Carry and repealing gun free zones in Georgia, not Michael Bloomberg’s gun control legislation.

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Mr. Strickland would like you to believe the bill is innocuous and provides due process for everyone, though we heard the same drivel in 1996 when Congressmen and Senators in DC passed the Lautenberg Gun Ban, signed into law by Bill Clinton.

Since then, million of Americans have been permanently denied their Second Amendment rights, or had to spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees just to have a chance at getting them back.

No one wants a mad man or mad woman with a gun.

We all know domestic issues are sticky situations.

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But Bloomberg’s ultimate goal is to get anyone with a misdemeanor conviction, or someone with a temporary restraining order, on a list that you can never get off of.

Strickland is playing right into his hands.

If Strickland succeeds, he’ll give Bloomberg a win in a red state.

Maybe that’s why Bloomberg spent $20 million in Georgia in 2018?

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