REVEALED: Anti-Gun Democrat Jen Jordan is Bloomberg’s SB 150 Gun Control Lead Sponsor

Atlanta, Georgia — On Monday, seven Senate Republicans — Brian Strickland, Blake Tillery, John Kennedy, Bill Cowsert, Bill Heath, Jesse Stone, and William Ligon — voted for Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun SB 150, The Georgia Lautenberg Gun Ban.

SB 150 was introduced by radical anti-gun Democrat State Senator Jen Jordan of Atlanta.

Jordan has received tens of thousands of dollars and political support from Bloomberg funded organizations like Planned Parenthood, Moms Demand Action, NARAL, Everytown for Gun Safety, AFL-CIO, Emily’s List and every left wing organization under the sun.

Jordan routinely goes to the Senate floor to rail on Second Amendment rights, demanding gun control in Georgia.

Here are some pictures of State Senator Jen Jordan in action with her left-wing friends.