NZ Gun Confiscation Nightmare: Gun Confiscation Begins as Police Show Up Unannounced At Homes, Workplaces

Washington, DC — This appears to be already happening in New Zealand, folks.

A post made on March 25, 2019 on New Zealands’s largest largest firearm forum recounts a gun owner’s run-in with police who arrived at his workplace to question him on the number and location of his guns.

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Social media is playing a role, as police seem to be using popular platforms to find leads on gun owners who still have possession of their now-prohibited guns.

Imagine: You’re at work, you’re doing your job and you’re earning your pay when all of a sudden the cops show up to ask you questions about your firearms.

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Your boss watches, assuming in the back of his mind that you’ve done something wrong, that you’re a dangerous criminal and that he’s got to find a way to fire you – and fast!

That’s what gun-control ultimately looks like, but things in New Zealand are about to get worse!

One gun owner, a 54 year-old welder and steel-fabricator named Troy Dubovskiy, reportedly committed suicide after a three-hour standoff with police that began when they came to his house after somebody in the public had anonymously reported his 16 year-old son for having a now-outlawed weapon.

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Several days before, Dubovskiy’s son had reposted a previously posted photo of himself with an airsoft rifle on his own social media account.

When the police came to investigate, Troy Dubovskiy, who had a previous record for assault, was afraid that he was going to go back to prison because he owned a weapon that had been made illegal only six days earlier.

Not wanting to go to prison, he refused to cooperate with the police and holed up in his car. After a three hour standoff and multiple attempts to call his son and ex-wife, Troy took his own life.
His son never got to say goodbye.

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According to the news article, Troy was a veteran of both the Soviet and later the Russian Army and spent time in Afghanistan and Chechnya while assigned to a Special Forces unit. It was also reported that the boy and his Dad played airsoft together.

When his home was searched after his suicide, police found airsoft guns, an 8mm blank pistol, and an SKS carbine. The SKS was outlawed under New Zealand’s new ban only last Thursday.

That’s Big Gun Control’s vision for America. One inch at a time, until you can be turned in by anonymous member of the public and face armed cops at your front door or workplace.

It’s outrageous.

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