Georgia Gun Owner Stops Potential Mass Shooting At Bank!

Alpharetta, GA – On Saturday officers received a 9-1-1 call of alerting them to shooting at a Wells Fargo Bank in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Upon arriving, officers found an armed citizen holding a thug at gun point.

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The suspect reportedly got into an argument with an on-again, off-again girlfriend and then shot her in the parking lot.

Sadly, she died, but the armed Georgian stopped a potential mass shooting.

According to Alpharetta Police:

“An armed witness who was driving by the bank heard the shot, got out to help, confronted the suspect, ordered the suspect to drop his weapon and waited until our officers arrived on scene”.

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This crazed thug could have easily turned his firearm on bystanders inside the bank if it weren’t for the immediate reaction of an armed citizen.

Alpharetta Police and the community are calling this citizen a hero.

In a Facebook post, they said:

“In regards to the armed citizen who intervened until we arrived, we cannot express enough the appreciation we have for the partnership we have with our community.”

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The comments from local residents ranged from declaring this man a hero to saying “That is exactly why I carry”.

Gun-grabbing Democrats would have us believe that law-abiding citizens are the reason there are so many homicides in America.

This is is simply not true.

Gun owners have stopped countless thugs and possible mass shootings by bravely protecting themselves and others with a firearm.

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In addition, cities with strict gun control have extreme amounts of murders and crime because thugs do not have to fear of citizens defending themselves with a gun.

The City of Chicago is a prime example of this.

Second Amendment supporters will continue to follow the law and protect themselves and their loved ones as long as their is breath in their bodies.

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