VICTORY: Georgia Gun Owners Defeats SB 150 Bloomberg’s Gun Control

Atlanta, Georgia — Faced with a withering barrage of relentless grassroots pressure from the members of Georgia Gun Owners, Republican State Senator Blake Tillery and Republicans in the Georgia Senate cried for mercy, announced their surrender, and pulled Senate Bill 150, Michael Bloomberg’s Georgia Lautenberg Gun Ban.

In a little over 24 hours, the members of Georgia Gun Owners pounded the Georgia General Assembly with almost 10,000 emails, countless calls and tens of thousands of social media posts demanding Republicans in the Georgia Senate kill the bill.

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Yesterday around 11:30 in the morning, Republican Senators Bill Heath, Bill Cowsert, William Ligon, Jesse Stone, Blake Tillery, Brian Strickland and John Kennedy locked arms with three anti-gun Democrats on the committee to pass this bill on to the full Senate.

But by Tuesday afternoon, Senate Rules Chairman Jeff Mullis pulled the bill on behalf of his caucus who had faced non stop fire throughout the day from Georgia Gun Owners members.

State Senator Blake Tillery took to Facebook to announce his surrender:

Because of the communication I’ve received, I am asking the Senate Rules Chairman to hold this bill and not allow it to go to the Senate floor this week.  This will effectively kill this bill this session.

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Georgia Gun Owners Executive Director Patrick Parsons praised the members of Georgia Gun Owners for their massive response to his call to action:

What these Senators and Representatives need to understand is that there is nowhere to hide.  We are watching, our members are watching, and we won’t hold back when they lock arms with Bloomberg and try to pass his gun control agenda.  You cannot put lipstick on Michael Bloomerg’s dangerous gun control agenda.

Senator Tillery also revealed that the establishment gun lobby including Georgia Carry and the NRA initially supported the bill, but then backed off when Georgia Gun Owners exposed the danger of the bill and their support for it.

Tillery was the third Senator on the committee indicating support of Bloomberg’s legislation from the NRA and Georgia Carry:

Many, however, still do not feel comfortable with the language that did pass and some of the groups like the NRA and Georgia Carry that previously okayed the bill have now backed away.

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State Senator Brian Strickland said: The bill was supported by the NRA and Georgia Carry as a pro-2nd Amendment bill.

State Senator William Ligon said: The National Rifle Association, Georgia Carry, as well as prosecutors and sheriffs, all worked with our Republican leadership . . . 

The revelation that the NRA and Georgia Carry were involved in crafting a “compromise” with Bloomberg’s lobbyist on this bill should confirm to gun owners once again the dirty behind the scenes deals they hear about that take place at the Capitol are in fact true.

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Patrick Parsons with Georgia Gun Owners laid out a dire warning for gun owners for the weeks, months, and years ahead:

Michael Bloomberg spent $20 million in 2018 to elect Socialist Stacey Abrams in Georgia.  Gun owners fought like hell to defeat her and put Brian Kemp in the Governor’s mansion.  We didn’t put him in for the General Assembly to play footsie with Michael Bloomberg.  We put him there to go on offense, and we expect the General Assembly to take action on H.B. 2, Constitutional Carry, and get it to Brian Kemp’s desk for his signature as soon as possible.

Gun owners should be wary of establishment gun lobbying organizations like the NRA and Georgia Carry, who get in bed with politicians like David Ralston and Casey Cagle, only to get stabbed in the back once safely in offense.

To any legislator on the Republican side who seeks to push gun control, we will make you hurt badly at the grassroots level.  Your constituents will know about it.

While SB 150 appears dead in the Georgia Senate, a House version is still floating around and could rear it’s ugly head in the remaining month of the Georgia General Assembly.

Parsons says Georgia Gun Owners will be ready: Our members are not gonna take it anymore.  They’re fired up, emboldened, and ready to take action. 

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