Georgia State Rep. Alan Powell: Constitutional Carry Supporters “Extreme”

Atlanta, Georgia — Long time Democrat, now Republican State Representative Alan Powell has once again stuck a foot in his mouth, quoted in saying Georgians who support Constitutional Carry are “extreme Second Amendment supporters.”

For years, Alan Powell has refused to allow a vote on Constitutional Carry in the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, only relenting to a sham hearing in 2017 after massive political pressure from the members of Georgia Gun Owners.

In the 8 years Powell has spent blocking the legislation, thirteen more states have become Constitutional Carry states, making a total of 16 Constitutional Carry states when Governor Bevin of Kentucky signs the legislation in the coming days.

What that means is, individuals who wish to carry open or concealed in those states no longer have to pay the government, ask for their permission, submit to fingerprinting, intrusive government background checks, or a waiting period just to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Powell has given every excuse in the book as the why he won’t allow Constitutional Carry through his committee.

Including: “We’ll see”

Last year during the 2018 race for Georgia governor, Brian Kemp pledged to support and sign Constitutional Carry into law:

Even though Republicans have a 30 seat majority in the House, 15 seat majority in the Senate, and a Republican Governor Kemp, Alan Powell won’t put his support behind Constitutional Carry.

In fact, Powell says there aren’t enough votes to pass it!  HOGWASH!

“Why in the hell do we want to bring an issue up that we know is going to be defeated?”, said Powell.

Even if Powell was telling the truth (which he usually doesn’t), who are these dozens of Republicans who would vote against Constitutional Carry?  Name names!

Powell and his buddies in the establishment gun lobby, Georgia Carry, are doing everything in their power to make sure Georgia does not become a Constitutional Carry state.

What these guys apparently fail to realize is that Georgia won’t always won’t be a red state, and if and when a left-wing government takes over, the first thing they will do is look for those weapons licenses lists and start going after gun owners.

Just like they do in New York, California, Maryland, Illinois and others states where they have Bloomberg style gun control.

Constitutional Carry is the ultimate protection for gun owners from a tyrannical government.