Georgia Senators Confirm: NRA, Georgia Carry Supporting Bloomberg’s SB 150 Gun Control

Atlanta, Georgia — Since news of yesterday’s Georgia Senate Judiciary hearing exploded on email and social media around the state, the seven Republican Senators who voted for SB 150 in committee have been doing everything in their power to put lipstick on Bloomberg’s pig they voted for.

Republican Senators Bill Heath, Bill Cowsert, William Ligon, Jesse Stone, Blake Tillery, Brian Strickland and John Kennedy locked arms with three anti-gun Democrats on the committee to pass this bill on to the full Senate.

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We’ve now confirmed from State Senators Brian Strickland and William Ligon that instead of killing this bill dead in its tracks, the establishment gun lobby groups, the NRA and Georgia Carry, worked to amend the bill to make it a “little bit less bad”.

Senator Brian Strickland said: “The bill was supported by the NRA and Georgia Carry as a pro-2nd Amendment bill.”

Senator William Ligon said: “The National Rifle Association, Georgia Carry, as well as prosecutors and sheriffs, all worked with our Republican leadership . . . ”

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SB 150 is anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s #1 offensive legislative priority this year at the Capitol in Atlanta.

When his “Moms Demand Action” red shirt radicals stormed the Capitol two weeks ago, they carried in their hands talking points on this very legislation, urging legislators to push it through and make it law.

The bill was introduced by left-wing anti-gun Democrat State Senator Jennifer Jordan, Stacey Abrams ally Nikema Williams, Emmanuel Jones, and Glorida Butler.

SB 150 is a “mini Lautenberg Gun Ban” bill that was passed in 1996 in Washington, DC, that most in the Second Amendment community believe has disarmed more Americans than any single piece of legislation in American history.

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No matter how you slice it, this is a Michael Bloomberg power grab designed to get his “nose under the tent” then ultimately move forward in the future with making virtually any misdemeanor grounds for losing your firearms for life, or at minimum make it so expensive and time consuming that it’d be virtually impossible to get them back.

No one wants a mad man or woman intent on doing harm to someone else to a firearm, but the fact is, Bloomberg spent $20 million in Georgia in 2018 to elect a dozen anti-gun legislators and almost buy the Governor’s mansion.

This very legislation was a consistent talking point from Socialist Stacey Abrams on the campaign trail.

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Establishment gun lobbyists NRA and Georgia Carry are working to give Bloomberg just what he wants — a win in a Republican controlled legislature in a state he almost won in 2020.

Gun owners elected Brian Kemp in 2018 to oppose anti-gun power grabs like SB 150, not seek to amend them, make them less bad, and push them through the legislature.

We should mention that Senators Blake TIllery and Brian Strickland are Brian Kemp’s “Senate Floor Leaders”.

They’ve doubled down in support of this legislation …

Would Brian Kemp sign Michael Bloomberg’s top legislative item into law?

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