Georgia Democrat Senator Attacks Georgia Gun Owners

Kennesaw, Georgia — Bloomberg-funded anti-gun Georgia State Senator Jen Jordan launched into a tirade after Georgia Gun Owners killed her Senate Bill 150 last week at the Capitol in Atlanta.

“‘I don’t think that I have ever been as disappointed as I was when the Republican leadership in the senate refused to allow my bill, SB 150, to come to the floor for a vote.  After it was voted out, radical gun groups took to social media to target senators accusing them of being traitors and ‘gun grabbers.'”

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To quickly refresh your memory, S.B. 150 was written by Michael Bloomberg’s lobbyists, and would result in the confiscation of firearms without due process (no trial, no jury, no conviction) in some domestic situations.

No one wants a mad man or mad woman with a firearm who is set to do harm to another, but we must uphold the rule of law and protect due process in all situations.

There is a reason Michael Bloomberg pushes this legislation — he wants to get as many people as possible on lists who can never buy, possess, or transfer firearms, or exercise Second Amendment rights for the rest of their lives.

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Once you get on a banned list, it is virtually impossible to get off.

Seven Republican Senators — Brian Strickland, Blake Tillery, Bill Cowsert, Jesse Stone, Bill Heath, William Ligon, and John Kennedy voted for S.B. 150 in the Judiciary Committee.

Soon thereafter, GGO members and supporters sprung into action and blasted emails, calls, and social media posts into the State Capitol, forcing those Republicans to pull the bill in the fact of unrelenting pressure.

What’s worse was the revelation from Senator Tillery that Georgia Carry and the NRA initially supported the bill, but then backed off when Georgia Gun Owners exposed the danger of the bill and their support for it.

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Tillery was one of three Senators on the committee who confirmed the NRA and Georgia Carry tried to cut a deal with Bloomberg:

“Many, however, still do not feel comfortable with the language that did pass and some of the groups like the NRA and Georgia Carry that previously okayed the bill have now backed away.”

State Senator Brian Strickland said“The bill was supported by the NRA and Georgia Carry as a pro-2nd Amendment bill.”

State Senator William Ligon said“The National Rifle Association, Georgia Carry, as well as prosecutors and sheriffs, all worked with our Republican leadership . . .”

As your Second Amendment advocate at the Capitol in Atlanta, we take great pride in keeping an eye on what’s happening not only on major pro-2A pieces legislation. but also when anti-gun legislation rears it’s ugly.

These type of anti-gun bills must be called out, mobilized against, and blasted into oblivion.

Please help us keep up the fight to protect your Second Amendment by making a generous contribution of whatever you can afford.

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For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

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