Four Republicans Implicate the NRA and Georgia Carry in SB 150 Bloomberg Gun Control

Atlanta, Georgia — Just ten days have passed since seven Republicans on the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee voted for Senate Bill 150, Georgia’s Lautenberg Gun Ban.

Those seven Senators are: Blake Tillery, Brian Strickland, Bill Cowsert, Bill Heath, William Ligon, Jesse Stone, and John Kennedy.

After being caught red-handed voting for this Bloomberg legislation, four of the seven Senators have sought to defend their vote, naming the NRA and Georgia Carry as one of the reasons why they voted for the bill.

Remember, this bill introduced by radical anti-gun State Senator Jen Jordan, a Bloomberg funded Democrat who routinely speaks on the floor in opposition to Second Amendment rights, and was a vocal supporter of Socialist Stacey Abrams in 2018.

Here are the quotes from the four State Senators defending their vote for S.B. 150, Bloomberg’s Georgia Lautenberg Gun Ban:

“The language of Senate Bill 150 was changed with the help of the NRA and Georgia and passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously.” – State Senator Bill Heath

“Many, however, still do not feel comfortable with the language that did pass and some of the groups like the NRA and Georgia Carry that previously okayed the bill have now backed away.” — State Senator Blake Tillery

“The bill was supported by the NRA and Georgia Carry as a pro-2nd Amendment bill.” — State Senator Brian Strickland

“The National Rifle Association, Georgia Carry, as well as prosecutors and sheriffs, all worked with our Republican leadership . . . ” — State Senator William Ligon

Thanks to the efforts of Georgia Gun Owners, this back room scheme to advance S.B. 150 was discovered and soundly pushed back by grassroots activists across the state.

Anti-gun Democrat State Senator Jen Jordan launched into a tirade after the bill was pulled from the legislative calendar saying:

“‘I don’t think that I have ever been as disappointed as I was when the Republican leadership in the senate refused to allow my bill, SB 150, to come to the floor for a vote. After it was voted out, radical gun groups took to social media to target senators accusing them of being traitors and ‘gun grabbers.’”