Former NRA “F” rated Ohio Gov DeWine Signs Pro-Gun Bill

If good things come in threes, the future may be brightening for gun owners in Ohio when it comes to their new Governor, Mike DeWine.

South Dakota’s new governor Kristi Noem kicked off her gubernatorial career by signing Constitutional Carry into law in January – her first bill signed.

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Oklahoma’s new governor Kevin Stitt followed suit in February, signing Constitutional Carry into law at his first bill-signing ceremony.

Now that it’s March, Governor Mike DeWine signed House Bill 86 into law as his first piece of legislation!

And while not as sweeping as Constitutional Carry, HB86 fixes a huge mistake made in the previous year’s HB228 that would have accidentally classified AR15’s and similar firearms as “dangerous ordnance” – a possible felony offense.

With a Congressional record so bad the NRA gave him a rare “F” as a US Senator, most gun owners view Ohio Governor Mike DeWine with suspicion on the issue of gun rights.

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Gun owners in the Buckeye State know a thing or two about anti-gun governors, too.

DeWine’s immediate predecessor – disgraced Never-Trumper John Kasich – waged war on gun owners for the last two years of his term, which expired January 14, 2019.

Ohio gun owners hoped that Governor Mike DeWine would reject the path traveled by Kasich and instead side with gun owners.

With DeWine’s signature on HB86 complete, Ohio’s largest gun rights organization hopes to continue the momentum and give DeWine another chance to sign pro-gun legislation.

“We’re just glad to get this legislative fix out of the way so we can get on to what we like to call the meat and potatoes of the 133rd General Assembly – which is passing Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground laws” said Ohio Gun Owners Director Chris Dorr in a video statement.

Ohio is in the minority of Republican Trifecta states that do not have Stand-Your-Ground protections for gun owners.

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