Video: Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Signs Constitutional Carry Into Law!

Pierre, South Dakota — Recognizing “Constitutional Carry” as the first bill he signs into law, Oklahoma Republican Governor Kevin Stitt put his signature on the legislation yesterday afternoon, making Oklahoma America’s 15th Constitutional Carry state.

Flanked by legislators who helped usher the bill through the Oklahoma Legislature, Governor Stitt laid out his reason for signing the legislaton.

Please watch the video below of the signing ceremony and pass this around to other Second Amendment supporters.

Even with anti-gunners attacking Second Amendment rights across the country, gun owners in states like Kentucky, Iowa, Georgia, South Carolina and others are the on the offense, looking to make their state the next Constitutional Carry state.

To those who don’t know, Constitutional Carry makes the permit to carry optional.

If does not eliminate it for those who wish to keep it for reciprocity purposes.

Despite the “sky is falling” warnings from liberal anti-gunners across America, Constitutional Carry states have not seen increases in crime and mayhem.

10 years ago, only two states, Alaska and Vermont had constitutional carry.

Since then, more than a dozen more states have jumped on board, returning true Second Amendment rights in those states.