Video: Georgia Gun Owners Confronts Speaker David Ralston

Atlanta, Georgia — For weeks now, Georgia Republican Speaker of the House David Ralston has attacked Second Amendment supporters across Georgia, in the media and behind the scenes at the Capitol in Atlanta.

Georgia Gun Owners staff confronted David Ralston outside the Capitol this morning and asked him why he’s helping Michael Bloomberg Block Constitutional Carry (H.B. 2) in Georgia.

H.B. 2 is the legislation Georgia’s new Republican Governor Brian Kemp promised to sign into law during the primary and general election.

Please watch the video below then call Ralston at 404-656-5020 and tell him to Stop Blocking Constitutional Carry in Georgia!

It’s vital you keep those emails popping in down at the Capitol, continuing to let legislators know you want a vote on Constitutional Carry!

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For Freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

  • reprinted with the permission of Georgia Gun Owners