Socialist Stacey Abrams Cheers on David Ralston

Atlanta, Georgia — Georgia Democrats couldn’t ask for a better Speaker of the House heading into the 2020 elections than David Ralston.

He’s attacked Second Amendment supporters and Constitutional Carry, vowed to move the Republican caucus further to the left, and now, he’s all over state and national news for abusing his legislative power to keep a child rapist out of jail for more than six years!

David Ralston is literally writing next year’s campaign hit pieces for the Democrats, leading a number of “vulnerable” Republicans in his caucus to electoral slaughter.

That’s why this week we saw anti-gun Democrats like Socialist Stacey Abrams and State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver rally around Speaker Ralston, working hard to keep him right where he is.

This was one of the headlines in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Stacey Abrams refuses to join criticism of David Ralston”

Then anti-gun witch Rep. Oliver went on GPB to lie about Constitutional Carry, and in the process praise Speaker Ralston for working to kill it.

This is the same Rep. Oliver who introduced HB 731 in 2016 to send the GBI to your home to ban, confiscate, and destroy your firearms!

Watch here — you can’t make this stuff up!

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We’ve seen similar scenarios play out over the years across the country.

Establishment, corporate-backed Republicans like David Ralston vow to move their legislative caucus to the left, giving Democrats just what they want, and in the process spitting on their conservative, pro-gun base.

Doing the opposite of what you campaigned on, being more like your political opponents, ultimately leads to electoral suicide.

For almost four months since the November General Election, David Ralston has not said one thing publicly about anti-gun forces funded by Michael Bloomberg’s billions of dollars who took out a dozen of his caucus members in 2018.

He’s spending all his time attacking you — the grassroots who elected Brian Kemp — rather than going on offense to deliver the agenda that was promised.

I was at the Capitol all week — where I spoke with dozens of legislators — all of whom are receiving your emails and calls in support of Constitutional Carry.

It’s vital you keep those emails popping in down at the Capitol, continuing to let legislators know you want a vote on Constitutional Carry!

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For Freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

  • reprinted with this permission of Georgia Gun Owners