Georgia Speaker Ralston, Bloomberg Red Shirts Team Up to Stop Constitutional Carry

Atlanta, Georgia — Close to 500 Bloomberg-funded “Red Shirt Radicals” swarmed the State Capitol in Atlanta today, demanding legislators work to kill Constitutional Carry (H.B. 2) in Georgia.

What many didn’t expect last November when Brian Kemp won the Governor’s mansion was that Bloomberg’s chief ally in the fight to stop Constitutional Carry is scandal-ridden Republican Speaker of the House David Ralston.

Before heading in for their “lobbying day” at the Capitol, Bloomberg’s Red Shirts met directly across the street at the self-proclaimed “social justice” church “Central Presbyterian” to rally before heading in.

At the time, Blooomberg’s paid organizers passed out “Talking Points”, linked here.

As you can see, their #1 talking point is to tell legislators to oppose H.B. 2, Constitutional Carry.

Under that very subtopic, the fifth black dotted talking point uses Speaker Ralston’s opposition to the bill as a talking point for them to use when talking to legislators.

“The Speaker of the Georgia House, David Ralston, said there is no appetite to pass this dangerous bill in Georgia.

As of this writing, David Ralston has not said one negative word about Bloomberg’s Red Shirt radicals, many of whom were heard in the Capitol today saying that want to “ban all semiautos” in Georgia and in the country.

Despite how they try to mask it, they are what Lenin called “useful idiots” for Bloomberg, who’s mission is just what Socialist Stacey Abrams mission is: ban, confiscate, and destroy firearms, ammunition, and magazines.

Bloomberg spent between $15-20 million in Georgia in 2018 in his bid to elect Socialist Stacey as Governor.

While he failed there, he succeeded in taking out a dozen moderate Republicans, most of whom supported gun control anyway.

Ralston is running to the middle, marching in lockstep with anti-gunners in Bloomberg’s Red Shirt brigade.

Does he actually think Bloomberg will back off and hardened left-wing anti-gunners will vote for his left-wing Republicans in 2020 if he just gives them what they want?