EXPOSED: Bloomberg’s Georgia Lobbyist is Ex-Republican Representative

Atlanta, Georgia — Recently, former Georgia Republican State Representative Ben Harbin was exposed as Michael Bloomberg’s paid lobbyist at the State Capitol in Atlanta.

Online records show Bloomberg Ben was paid at least $10,000 in each year 2017 and 2018, and it was confirmed today by our source at the Capitol, Georgia Gun Owners, that Mr. Harbin is still their paid representative.

Georgia Gun Owners shot video of Mr. Harbin huddling with anti-gun Moms Demand Action staff outside of Speaker David Ralston’s office at the Capitol.

Here’s the video:

Georgia Gun Owners reports they asked Bloomberg Ben if he still was the representative for Bloomberg.

Specifically, “was he paid by Michael Bloomberg?”

He responded, “no, I’m paid by Everytown for Gun Safety.”

Georgia Gun Owners responded: “Everytown is funded 100% by Michael Bloomberg.”

Bloomberg Ben snapped back: “where’s your lobbyist badge?!” then stormed off.

You’ve heard the old saying “The enemy is within.”  Many times it is.

Mr. Harbin is very close to Speaker of the House David Ralston, having served alongside Mr. Ralston for many years in the General Assembly.

Mr. Ralston is single-handedly blocking Constitutional Carry (H.B. 2).

The question everyone is asking: Does Mr. Harbin speak to Mr. Ralston about gun control?