BREAKING: Georgia Carry Lobbies AGAINST Constitutional Carry in Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia — Gun owners across Georgia now have visual proof that the establishment gun group, Georgia Carry, is actively lobbying AGAINST Constitutional Carry legislation (H.B. 2) in Georgia.

On the December 4, 2018 edition of the Armed American Radio Show with Mark Walters, Georgia Carry Executive Direcor Jerry Henry was asked about the recently pre-filed H.B. 2, Constitutional Carry. 

Mark Walters asked Jerry Henry if he wants the legislation passed first in Georgia.  Here is the transcript:

Mark Walters: “We taked about a constitutional carry bill based off an email I got today.  There’s an organization [Georgia Gun Owners] out pushing for it now.  Constitutional Carry because we have a gun friendly, uh, Georgia Governor coming in, and we have a Republican controlled legislature which we’ve always had.  But Jerry that’s not the first thing we want in this state, is it?”

Jerry Henry: “Not as far as I’m concerned.”

Here’s the audio:

Listed on Georgia Carry’s website under “Constitutional Carry” as far as back as 2017, Georgia Carry “strongly opposes” Constitutional Carry legislation, virtually identical to H.B. 2.

Second Amendment supporters not only have to worry about Bloomberg-funded lobbyists from Moms Demand Action working against Constitutional Carry, they can now see with their own two eyes that Georgia Carry has locked arms with the Moms, whose red-shirt radicals rallied against Constitutional Carry on the steps of the Capitol just last year.

Earlier today, representatives from Georgia Carry were used in a photo op to provide political cover for embattled Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston.

After years of declining membership and growing distrust from grassroots gun owners, Georgia Carry has gone all in, showing once again they represent the politicians, not the grassroots.

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The staged photo was eerily reminiscent of the type of photo op politicians use when they’re under political heat or during campaign season, with those seated around the table providing necessary “boot licking” to make the politician look like they’re supported by the grassroots.

During the last month, Speaker Ralston launched multiple public attacks on Constitutional Carry and the very gun owners who voted to elect Brian Kemp.  Kemp pledged in writing to sign Constitutional Carry during his campaign for Governor.

Since his attacks, gun owners from the largest, fastest-growing, and only no compromise Second Amendment organization, Georgia Gun Owners, have flooded his office with thousands of calls, emails, and social media posts urging him to stop blocking constitutional carry.

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In addition, thousands upon thousands of emails have poured into legislators’ email accounts, urging a vote on Constitutional Carry, forcing Speaker Pro Temp Jan Jones on Tuesday to address the Republican Caucus about the massive number of contacts from Georgia Gun Owners members.

We see it time and time again, politicians like David Ralston actively working against the very Second Amendment issue gun owners want, then are let off the hook by establishment gun lobbyists like Georgia Carry, who provide the photo op for that politician.

What’s worse, Georgia Carry was exposed as “firing blanks” during last fall’s Governor election.

Faced with the biggest governor’s race in the country that saw Socialist Stacey Abrams facing off against Brian Kemp, Georgia Carry spent $0 to stop Abrams, whose #1 issue in the election was to ban, confiscate and destroy firearms of Georgians.

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Bloomberg, Soros, Steyer, Sandler, Phillips and the NY and Hollywood elite spent tens of millions of dollars to destroy Georgia’s gun rights forever, and Georgia Carry watched it all happen in real time.  They did nothing.

Literally nothing.

On the flip side, Georgia Gun Owners spent more than $100,000 on direct mail, social media, TV, web, and radio ads exposing Abrams for the anti-gun radical she that she is, reaching millions of gun owners and voters across Georgia for months leading into the November election.

In December, Georgia Republican State Senator Renee Unterman was quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution saying gun owners would be “pushed aside” in 2019.  Low and behold, history shows us that Georgia Carry endorsed Unterman in previous elections.

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Georgia Carry also TWICE endorsed disgraced Governor Nathan Deal, who vetoed Second Amendment legislation, along with multiple endorsements of since disposed of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, who was caught on video on multiple occasions opposing Constitutional Carry.

The joke at the Capitol about Georgia Carry is: “if you’re a Republican all you have to do is ask and they’ll endorse you.”

The good news is, gun owners have been rejecting Georgia Carry for years now, flocking to Georgia Gun Owners, who takes pride in holding politicians like David Ralston and Renee Unterman accountable, lifting the veil on the back room deals at the Capitol, and providing exclusive access via video, email and direct mail newsletters to grassroots gun owners.

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As is usual with Georgia Carry, to provide political cover and endorsements for the politicians, they work on weak, watered down legislation that the politicians can trumpet every two years.

Meanwhile, Moms Demand Action doesn’t have to work as hard, knowing that Georgia Carry is saying the same thing they are: “STOP CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY NOW!”

As long as the politicians in Georgia have an “endorsement / political photo op” tool like Georgia Carry at their disposal, you can be sure they’ll use it to make you think they’re not working behind the scenes to kill the gun bills grassroots gun owners actually want.

*** UPDATE: This story has been viewed more than 30,000 times, clearly showing gun owners across the state that Georgia Carry is actively working against Constitutional Carry at the Capitol in Atlanta.

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