Bloomberg Anti-Gun Lobbyist is Georgia Carry Endorsed Ex-State Representative

Atlanta, Georgia — Who says “the swamp” is only confined to Washington, DC?

Georgia has one, too, it’s just not actually built on a swamp.

Georgia’s “Gold Dome” is loaded up with lobbyists with their hand out.

Many of these lobbyists work on multiple issues for big companies, small companies, industry groups, business associations, and some even for Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group, “Everytown for Gun Safety”.

Such is the case of Georgia Carry endorsed former Republican State Representative Ben Harbin, originally from Evans, Georgia, who resigned from the Georgia House in June of 2015 to leave for a job as a lobbyist.

Translation: He wanted to go make a lot of money.  Georgia legislators make approximately $17,000 per year.

Georgia lobbyist records show Mr. Harbin was paid at least $10,000 by Bloomberg’s gun control lobbying arm, Everytown.

Click here for the link link to the state lobbying files showing Mr. Harbin registered first on January 11, 2017 and then once again on January 1, 2018, as the lobbyist of record for Bloomberg’s Everytown.

Further research indicates a report in the Atlanta Journal Constitution where Mr. Harbin was arrested in 2007 for DUI:

“Harbin, R-Evans, was charged with driving under the influence after his car struck a telephone pole at 2 a.m. May 20, 2007, on an Atlanta street about a mile from the Capitol.”

Because the January, 2018 lobbyist filing does not say “terminated” with Everytown, we do not know if the lobbying relationship is still intact.

Second Amendment Daily has reached out to the lobbying firm, Southern Strategy Group, of which Mr. Harbin is the President of, to confirm if Mr. Harbin still has this relationship with Bloomberg’s Everytown.  We will continue following up.

Next Wednesday, February 20, 2019, Bloomberg’s red shirt radicals will fill the hallways and legislative offices of the “Gold Dome”.

Will the Georgia Carry endorsed ex-State Representative now turned lobbyist be leading the charge and arranging meetings for these radical gun grabbers?

Or has he bowed out?  Second Amendment supporters want to know.

Second Amendment Daily would also like to know which if any Republican legislators Mr. Harbin has communicated with during his time as lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s gun group, Everytown.

Has he spoken with Speaker David Ralston about any sort of gun control legislation since he first signed up with Everytown in 2017?   Committee chairs?

Everything you think you know about politicians and big government lobbyists is actually happening under the “Gold Dome” in Atlanta.

Some establishment gun groups just can’t help but swim around in the swamp with these players.

Sometimes they get bit.